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18 October 2021

Back to School After the Bubbles

Dear readers, please excuse our long absence and rest assured that we have NOT abandoned you! I have good news to share and announcements to make. So, let us start at the very beginning!

I remember when I set my alarm for seven in my morning on the last day of August on 2021! With a last peep at my ready school supplies I climbed into my bed. I had a mixed feeling about going back to school. I was excited to see my friends yet anxious at the same time. I didn’t want to be back in the suffocating restrictions Covid had brought in on us. I hoped we would be back to some sort of normality. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

Next morning, I woke up at seven and pulled on my new school uniform. A while later, I stood near the front gates of Lowbrook Academy, ready for the day ahead. I walked inside and noticed that we were all lining up outside again! I was surprised and walked towards my friends. We talked about our holidays until the bell rang and we all fell silent as we walked into our new classrooms. I was pleased to see that our seats were not in rows anymore. We treasure hunted for our seats until everybody had found their seats. I looked around me and was pleased to see one of my friends was sitting nearby. We sat down and spent the rest of the morning fitting into our new classroom. We were also allowed to sit on the carpet. We learnt that half of our class was going to the other class to do maths starting tomorrow. Later on, we had break. I was very happy to see that we didn’t have to stay in certain areas. I had a wonderful break and heard that they would soon bring out new play equipment! That would’ve never happened if we were still in covid restrictions!

After break, we all did Maths and Literacy. There were not many changes except the ones I have spoken of course! Everything seemed the same as year five except… It wasn’t as cold… of course! We didn’t have to keep everything open anymore! I was glad of this change and spent the rest of the lesson being extremely grateful for everything! Then, we had lunch break, I learnt that many year six students got the chance of play leading and sticking in homework for the little ones. Many of my friends volunteered. I was also happy that we got to play outside until we were called in to eat. Even though year six is last, I had a ton of fun! When we walked in I was surprised that we were back to normal and got to customise more of our lunch! We also got to sit where we wanted and chat to our friends!  When I was finished, I walked outside and a few moments later we all lined up to go back into class.

After lunch, we all had a calm afternoon with no more surprises. We did question our teachers about when their birthdays were as we hoped to throw a big party, just like we had done in year four! When we all went home, I did my Monday homework. A few hours later, I was sitting in my bed again, proud to be a Lowbrook student and excited for day 2 of normal school!

Signing off, Olesia, a happy, healthy, high achiever!