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10 May 2017

Year 5 Sports Report

The build up to Sports Day is well on its way. Today, we fenced with Carina. Due to safety precautions, we were able to dress up in the full fencing kit which included a mask! Also, we learnt how to salute and execute basic techniques. En garde! 

Carrying on from fencing, we were fortunate enough to participate in Street Dancing with Crissy, our instructor, from Sanders Street. We learnt a routine which included many starter steps, such as the “W”, the “Bart Simpson” and the “Basketball.”

Meanwhile, half the class were also lucky enough to participate in another exciting sport – football, with Dan and Simon from Chelsea FC. We worked on our dribbling skills and celebrated like Diego Costa!

Furthermore, we had the chance to learn how to play table tennis.  We were taught by Jan and Ken who excelled in this activity. They taught us to serve properly and keep a rally going. You just wait to see us in action!

As well as all of these fantastic activities, we also enjoyed a great end to the day - cycling with Mr Rooney! The girls proved how supportive and encouraging they were towards each other whilst the boys showed their competitive side.

We’ve had a splendid day and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

By Saturn Class