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11 May 2016

Year 3 Sports Reports

Chelsea Football - Jake Kingston

This past week I have enjoyed the football with the Chelsea coaches, Simon and Dan!   Mars Class played a challenging game, where we had to quickly dribble in and out of the cones and finally strike a cone in order to earn a point.  It was so much fun!    

Fencing – Leo Morgan and Harry Smith

On Monday Mars class got the chance to try out Fencing for the very first  time! First, we practised moving and attacking. Then we put our protective clothing on.  There was a chest plate,  a  vest,  a glove,  a jacket and a helmet. The suit was incredibly hot!  Finally, we were able to use the swords!  We even had a fencing match!

Street Dance – Erin Reucassel and Charlie Joyce

On Monday we did street dancing with Chrissy.  We learnt a move called Bart Simpsonm, where you put one arm touching your belly and the other arm pointing out to the side, then you swop hands.  We also learnt base and rock and many more. We learnt muscle man too, which is where you put your arms up like you are showing off your big muscles.  Putting all our moves together to music was really exciting!